7 Day Spring Clean Challenge – Day 7

Wild Card

Today is your last day of the 7 Day Deep Spring Cleaning!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!  You have done an amazing job!

So basically 90% of your home has been Deep Cleaned, right? But what about the other 10%?   We all want 100%!

The other 10% is what you will be doing today!

This will include areas that have not been listed or projects that need to be completed.

  •  Closets: Clothes and shoes and sentimental items.  Remove all items that you no longer wear or use for the last 3 years. Donate asap. Some exceptions are seasonal items or that are heirlooms.
  • De clutter: movies, magazines, games, books, knickknacks’ or inside decorations, holiday décor, and other items that seem to stack up.
  • Jewelry, scarves, jackets, and hats, sweaters: Give to charity items you no longer wear, or have not used in over 3 years.
  • Craft Room: clear out clutter and then resupply your needs.
  • Laundry room.  Get laundry sorters’ to help keep the launder in their places. Make sure your cabinets and shelves are clutter free and clean then. Makes sure vents and hoses are cleaned and safe.
  • Paper taming.  Complete your filing. Shred papers that you no longer need. Keep things current.
  • Rearrange your furniture in a room. Or in several rooms.
  • Arrange new floral arrangements and place them through out your home. This will bring a sense of CLEAN!
  • Home maintenance…fix anything that has needed to be replaced or broke in the last 6 mths.
  • Garage. Enough said! LOL

You choose what is best for you that day. Then later you can add the other projects to your “to do list,”  for the Summer or next deep cleaning opportunity!.

Enjoy your home!

7 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge – Day 5

Did you know that your home is full of missions?  Well it is…Lets see…

There is The Den, The Study, The Family Room, The Media Room, The Game Room and don’t for get the Extra Bedroom.

They all have one mission…to ENTERTAIN!

They all have one basic way to Deep Clean!

Here is your mission to Deep Clean: Clear the clutter, remove the messes, bust the dust, get rid of any grime/trash and unwanted, then end with a shine to the furniture.

If you chose to accept this Mission…here are your instructions for a successful Deep Clean!


  • Discard unwanted magazines, newspapers, junk mail, in the trash.
  • Remove any cups, dishes, and other items that belong in the kitchen.
  • Cleanout from ALL FURNITURE and remove from room.
  • Find home for items that are piling up or on the floor.  Toys, movies, blankets, plants, games and controllers, books, and items that don’t belong in that room.
  • Dust picture frames, lamps, lights, ceiling fans, vases, decorations on shelves, equipment and all other things that collect dust. May want to de clutter things that have no purpose or value.
  • Dust all Furniture.
  • Polish all couches or vacuum couches and chairs.  Shake Pillows outside. Wash all blankets, dry, fold, and replace where needed.
  • Vacuum behind couched, window sills, drapes, color coverings, and baseboards.
  • Erase smudge marks and fingerprints from wall and light switches.
  • Change air filters and clean vents.
  • Look around for items that are still not in place or cleaned and complete.
  • Once everything is back into place, go to the next room and complete. One room at a time is best!
  • Burn a candle that has a tropical or fruity scent. It’s very pleasant and makes the room complete.




Day 6 is just around the corner!

7 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge -Day 3

 The Kitchen and the heart of the Home!

This day will require several cleaning items.  Gloves, scrubbing brushes, assorted cleaners, trash bags, clean rags, and ice chest.

Let’s Get Started: Start with the hard stuff:

  • Start inside your stove. Apply a cleaner and let sit while you start on your microwave.
  • Clean out microwave inside and out. Then complete cleaning inside your stove.  Make sure you clean the surface area well and the knobs. Finish cleaning the outside of the stove.
  • Refrigerator/Freezer.  Discard anything that is expired, left over’s that have been in there for more than a week. Remove anything that you haven’t used in a year, especially if its freezer burnt. Put items you want in the ice chest so that they will stay cold while you clean.  Give your freezer/fridge a good scrub down. Usually hot soapy water works well…don’t forget to rinse with hot water, and then dry with a cotton towel. Put items from the ice chest back in their proper places and add a box of baking soda. Don’t forget the top the refrigerator.  =)
  • For all other appliance, clean inside and out. If they are not used daily put those away to create more counter space and cleanliness.
  • Pantry-Take everything out.  Yes everything! Discard things that are expired or no longer in use.  Especially those bags that only have a few chips in them. Wipe down all shelves. Place seasonal things high. Place big things on bottom/floor. Use the shelves to organize the things that you are keeping. Boxes with boxes, cans with cans, pastas with pastas etc… You can even use dividers, bins and baskets for things that are smaller or things you want to keep all together.
  • Clean out your spice rack; usually spices are good for about 6mths then they lose their potency and may not add the flavor desired.
  • Clean out cobwebs. Dust and other areas not mentioned.Wipe of counters, and clean smudges of doors and cabinets.
  • Last hard part-Shelves and inside cabinets. Get rid of cookbooks, pots, pans, and knickknacks that just collect dust or take room. Rule of thumb: if you have not used it least once a year it’s time to clear.  Also if you buy a NEW something, get rid of the old something. Eliminate multiples…if you have 20 potholders get rid of at least half. Keep only the best and nicest. Clean out each drawer the same way. Once cleaned out and de-cluttered, put back in place in an organized way. Some areas could have labels or bins with labels for easy access.
  • FLOORS. Scrub the floors including the baseboard. Paying attention to the spaces.  Make sure that floors are completely cleaned and dry before putting mats down.

 Continue to clean any area that needs a good cleaning. Then reward yourself and your family by going out to eat or order in…enjoy the CLEAN and FRESHNESS!

7 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge – Day 2

 Day Two: Bathrooms

  •  Start with deep problem areas such as mold or stains. Clean with Clorox or a strong cleaner to remove tough places.  Some cleaners may need to sit for awhile to be effective. 
  • Do a “DO I USE IT-RUN THROUGH.” Look at medications, lotions, soaps, beauty products, etc…even magazines and discard anything that is expired or  have not used in over a year.
  • Take out all trash.
  • Remove all laundry and any towels, washcloths, rugs and linens that need to be cleaned. Replace with clean linens, and refill toilet paper and tissues.
  • Showers: Run hot water for a few minutes to help loosen any tough areas. Then clean as usual.  Clean shower heads as well to allow the best flow. May need to replace shower liner or squeegee if glass shower.
  • Tubs: allow cleaner to sit for 1-2 minutes then clean as usual. May need to use a sponge with a abrasive side for rings.
  • Toilets: allow cleaner to sit for 3- minutes, then clean with a toilet brush. If there are tough stains you could use an abrasive cleaner or a pumice stone for those areas. KEEP STONE WET to decrease the chance of scratches. (You can also use a Clorox drop in to help the toilet stay clean longer.)
  • Dust any area that may need dusting. Including lights, vents, and the corners of the room.
  • Clean mirrors, sinks and countertops. Microfiber cloths are great. You can also use white cloths or cloth diapers for great results.
  • Use Windex for any silver/chrome areas for a finishing shine.
  • Once all areas are cleaned…declutter underneath the sinks, drawers, towel closets and other areas that have a closed door. Clean and replace items still needed or used.
  • Clean floors and baseboards.
  • Place all items back in their normal places. Lay out fresh hand towels and refill soaps. Replace any light bulbs and candles with a scent for the season.
  • Continue with all bathrooms until all bathrooms are completed.

Senses that are great for bathrooms:  Clean linen, lemon, cucumber, and juniper.

(For great items to add to your bathroom….click on my Father in laws site called, SCENTSY and place your order for the best aroma’s in your home.)

7 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge-Day One

Each day will be a time of concentration of cleaning deeply in detail, so that the next cleaning will be less stressful. You may want to start with de-cluttering so that there is not as much to clean, and then re-organize after the deep clean.

You may do the days in any order but try to at least accomplish 2 or more days in a row.

Day One: Spruce up your Bedroom!

Why start here? Because after your first day of cleaning you will want to rest in a place of comfort and your bedroom should be that place!

  • Open up the windows to allow fresh air.
  • Take all the linens and dirty towels to the laundry room and start the washer.
  • Remove all trash and items that do not belong in the room.
  • Take a broom and sweep out any cobwebs in the corners of the room etc…
  • Dust from top to bottom, left to right. Including vents, ceiling fans, blinds/shades, windowsills, pictures, lamps etc…
  • Polish all furniture. Knickknacks  and other items of wood.
  • Clean any mirrors, frames, lights, and items not cleaned.
  • Turn your mattress over.
  • Take rugs, mats and comforters outside and shake them out.  Some you can wash and dry so those need to be taken to the washer. Take the linens and towels that you started out of the washer, put them into the dryer and start the mats or comforters.
  • Clean out under your bed….then sweep, mop or vacuum under your bed.
  • Put all items back in place.
  • Make bed with fresh linens. Put comforter and/or mats in dryer.
  • Clean base boards.
  • Sweep, mop or vacuum rest of floors.
  • Place comforter and mats in proper places.
  • Close windows and burn your favorite candle. Like a lavender scent. (Scentsy Candles are awesome-Click on the link and see what is good for you.)

This basic method can be used for most bedrooms and be adjusted accordingly. Complete all bedrooms!

Once all bedrooms are deep cleaned, RELAX!  Enjoy your place of rest!

Moving on to day TWO!

Spring Cleaning-Lets go!

Need help getting started? Here are the top 2 things that will get things going!

  • Make a plan of action
  1. Decide what you want to do and make a list.
  2. Decide what order you want to do the things listed.
  3. Male a list of things you will need…cleaning supplies, bins, tools, trash bags, etc…
  4. Decide on a day, time and time limit.
  5. Decide on a reward.
  6. Have a family discussion so that everyone can be on the same page. See how they can help and possibly learn a new life skill.
  7. Clear the items not necessary.
  8. Remove trash and items that are broken.
  • Gather your supplies!
  1. All cleaners, including rags, paper towels, micro-rags, and dusters.
  2. Gather tools-vacuum cleaner, mop, broom and duster
  3. Bags/bins..trash bags, assorted zip locks bags, assorted storage bins and labels.

One area at a time!

One room at a time!

Once project at a time!

Get started and know that every time you Spring Clean you refresh and renew your home!

Good Luck~