Laundry Types

Did you know that the way you do your laundry may reveal your personality?

We all have laundry that seem to lurk in our hampers and grow into never ending piles in no time at all. And by knowing what Laundry Personality Type we are, we can find ways to help us to face the mind-boggling dimensions of clothes.

Here is what I have learned:

  • Type A is called, “So much~too Little.”  These folks seem to have loads and loads of laundry and find there is no time to get it done.


  1. Empty the dryer’s lint vent every time-clothes will dry faster
  2. Change the water settings to the correct size of load,  will decrease the time of washing
  3. Use detergent tabs instead of powder-drop and go
  4. Have hooks, shelves, containers for storage to find things easier and make cleaning up speedy
  5. Try and add laundry to your weekly routine
  • Type B is called, “Tomorrow.”  These folks are great at finding excuses to not do the laundry. Usually they only do laundry when they have to do laundry.


  1. Pre-sort laundry with baskets or bins as soon as you take them off
  2. If you left a load in the dryer and they are wrinkled-toss a clean damp towel and re-run load for a few minutes (Having a timer helps you know that they are ready)
  3. If you left a load in the washer  re-wash the load and add new detergent -set a timer and put in dry right away
  4. Stock up on laundry products so that you have them on hand-less trips to the store
  5. Don’t over stuff the washer or dryer-clothes will not come out as clean or dry
  6. Ask for help or make it part of your weekly routine
  • Type C is called, “Myself.”  These folks usually think that if the laundry needs to be done RIGHT, then only they can do it, and have a routine already set.


  1. Zip up zippers, button buttons, etc… to save from damaging other clothing
  2. Pre-treat stains and laundry items before storing seasonal items -this will help eliminate damage and bugs
  3. Dry-clean clothes often to avoid set in stains and smells
  4. Lay out items on drying rack to avoid shrinking or fading
  5. Adjust your routine and create reminders
  • Type D is called, “Just Dust it off.”  These folks usually think that a  little dirt won’t hurt anyone or that they want to keep the clothing item looking new for a long time. Most of them also were the same thing twice or several times.


  1. Instead of re-folding, hanging or putting away, have a container for those items (if they are active wear you could even use an over the door shoe rack)
  2. If tissue or items that leave a mess in the washer or dryer, put a piece of nylon netting in the dryer to catch the fuzz etc…
  3. Use fragrant detergents and dryer sheets to keep clothes smelling fresh longer
  4. Use a super-concentrated stain remover and launder for best results
  5. Check garments for dirt and stains before wearing again
  6. Wash/dry clothes in appropriate washing temperatures and drying times

So there ya go~Some basic information on Laundry Types.  May you read and use these suggestions as a help in your Laundry time!