7 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge – Day 5

Did you know that your home is full of missions?  Well it is…Lets see…

There is The Den, The Study, The Family Room, The Media Room, The Game Room and don’t for get the Extra Bedroom.

They all have one mission…to ENTERTAIN!

They all have one basic way to Deep Clean!

Here is your mission to Deep Clean: Clear the clutter, remove the messes, bust the dust, get rid of any grime/trash and unwanted, then end with a shine to the furniture.

If you chose to accept this Mission…here are your instructions for a successful Deep Clean!


  • Discard unwanted magazines, newspapers, junk mail, in the trash.
  • Remove any cups, dishes, and other items that belong in the kitchen.
  • Cleanout from ALL FURNITURE and remove from room.
  • Find home for items that are piling up or on the floor.  Toys, movies, blankets, plants, games and controllers, books, and items that don’t belong in that room.
  • Dust picture frames, lamps, lights, ceiling fans, vases, decorations on shelves, equipment and all other things that collect dust. May want to de clutter things that have no purpose or value.
  • Dust all Furniture.
  • Polish all couches or vacuum couches and chairs.  Shake Pillows outside. Wash all blankets, dry, fold, and replace where needed.
  • Vacuum behind couched, window sills, drapes, color coverings, and baseboards.
  • Erase smudge marks and fingerprints from wall and light switches.
  • Change air filters and clean vents.
  • Look around for items that are still not in place or cleaned and complete.
  • Once everything is back into place, go to the next room and complete. One room at a time is best!
  • Burn a candle that has a tropical or fruity scent. It’s very pleasant and makes the room complete.




Day 6 is just around the corner!