New Year Good Luck Foods

Just wanted to share some yummy foods that are said to bring much good luck with the new year!

(The internet suggested most of the same things so I took the most mentioned and shared them with you.) 聽馃檪

  • The famous Black Eyed Peas-Prosperity
  • Buttered Bread-Absence of hunger.
  • Noodles/grains-Long life and abundance of respectivity.
  • Greens…Cabbage, collard greens, spinach etc..-financial ease.
  • Pork (bacon)-Helps enable one to embrace the challenges and adventures of the upcoming year.
  • Cornbread-Prosperity and good living.
  • Fish-An abundance of full life.
  • Rounded desserts-Old has passed and there is a new promise of freshness.


If you didn’t get to eat anything for good luck on New Year’s, no worries. 聽Get something yummy soon and remember that God supplies all of our needs. (Phil 4:19.)

Enjoy your food and enjoy life!



We are continually seeking new and more efficient ways to store items in drawers, closets, garages, basements and freezers. Whether you own an upright or a chest freezer, there are a number of ways that you can utilize the space and find what you need easily.

Here are the basics:

Assign shelves for different products. Divide foods by group. To make locating what you want from the freezer easier, sort the foods into groups such as vegetables, desserts, meats, poultry and fish. Using this method eliminates the need for you to hunt around the freezer for the evening’s menu.

Stainless steel freezer baskets at Lowes that fit on the shelves are a good choice too, and then just label the baskets.

Use bins to keep like-items together. (Use bins that have holes to allow for air-circulation.) Use different colored bins for easy location: green for vegetables, yellow for poultry/pasta/pork, red for beef, blue for fruit/nuts/desserts.

Wrap meats in freezer paper before storing in the freezer. Mark the outside of the package with the item wrapped in the paper, as well as the date of purchase. Rotate the meat by removing the old one that is already in the freezer and placing newly purchased meat beneath it, so that you use items before they go bad.

Vacuum seal everything, and do that in the flattest packs so that you can stack them vertically in the bins. This takes up the least amount of space and it’s easy to flip through the items (kind of like a filing cabinet). You can also pound chicken breasts before you vacuum seal so they thaw quickly and are ready to use.

In the door you can have boxes of vegetables, jars of home-made stocks, frozen bread, cans of juice, frozen yogurt, popsicles etc that are items needed more often.

For refrigerator and freezer labels, I use the 3″ X 1″ plastic hanging tags like the ones in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. You make the labels on the computer and insert them into tags then clip them on the rail of the freezer basket or the door shelves.

Use a Sharpie and label the Zip-loc bags. Don鈥檛 for get to include the date.

New stuff goes in the back, and the old stuff stays in front, until eventually you use it or trash it. This will help save money, time, and not waste food.

Once you have your refrigerator/organized keep the same items in the same place so that way when making a grocery list you won鈥檛 miss something or but more than what you need.

Tips & Warnings

聽路 To maximize your freezer’s efficiency, keep it fully stocked. If you find that your freezer isn’t full, place your ice cubes in a plastic storage bag and stuff it into the freezer. This will take up space and keep cubes handy for parties.

路 If you lose power, remember that your frozen items can remain edible for up to 48 hours if the freezer is filled to capacity. For a freezer with fewer items, 24 hours is the rule.

路 Clean and straighten your refrigerator each time you go grocery shopping. Toss out any bad or expired items. This will help you see what is good and make space for new items.

路 Don’t store milk or dairy products in the refrigerator door. That is the warmest spot in your fridge and the items will spoil quickly.

路 Place leftovers in a prominent spot in your refrigerator, so they are eaten promptly. If you don’t think they will be used quickly, designate a leftover section in your freezer. Every two weeks have a leftover smorgasbord. Remove all leftovers from the freezer, heat them all up and serve a buffet-style dinner.

Great Grilling

Summer is a perfect time to get the grill going!聽 Here are some really great sites to get the party started!

All Recipes

Martha Stewart


Good Housekeeping


Great Grilling

Let me know your favorite or just invite me over! 聽I will bring dessert!聽 Enjoy your Grilling and remember to be safe around the fires!

Looking forward to the next party at your house!聽 =)

Summer Yummies

No Cook Meals For Being Busy, Summer, or Whenever:

聽My Favorite Basics: Protein shakes, Salads, Sandwiches, Soups, Pre cooked pasta with leftover veggies or meat.聽

聽Of Course you could always order in or go out to eat!聽 馃檪

Here are the sites I love and Hopefully a recipe you love!

Eating Well


Busy Cooks

Fitness Magazine

Weight Watchers

Food Network

The 聽Top 7 Site Suggestions for the best recipes to help have wonderful meals with no cooking or minimum cooking!聽 ENJOY!


What are you THANKFUL FOR?
As time passes I find that I am more and more thankful of the life I have. Things are not always perfect or go my way or even come about in the timing I would like, but I have learned that sometimes unanswered prayers, waiting awhile, or going through difficult times are “The Blessing.”
Seasons in my life allow me to see the real me~refining, learning, growing, and sharing. Looking at situations in a better attitude and realizing that I am worthy is the聽peace I have come to know.
Truly surrendering my life and trusting completely in God has brought me so far~I do not blame anyone, I forgive everyone and I love unconditionally. Even though there are times I fail, I am forgiven. I get back up and continue to聽strive to be more and more like Christ.
I am so Thankful that God had a plan to save聽me ~ I am so Thankful that Jesus took my place on that cross and bore my sins so that I can be forgiven.聽 I am so Thankful that on the Third Day, Jesus rose from the grave.聽 I am so Thankful that I have a Hope and a Future, a purpose with worth. I am so Thankful that I serve a risen Savior!
Sometimes it’s about losing in order to gain~fighting for something even though you are alone in your stance~helping others even when you are in need yourself~being available to serve without expectations~and trusting in the truth even when you can’t see the future.
I am so Thankful for a living God that does not give up on me.聽 Who loves me and cares for me deeply! A God that is true to HIS word ~ who provides all my needs!
I am so Thankful for the Blessings God has given me~My Husband who loves me for who I am and is my best friend. A son that I adore and is a reminder that God keeps his promises. A daughter that brings me joy with a passion for pursuing dreams. Family that support us. Friends in all walks of life, and a home full of memories to last a lifetime.
I am so Thankful that I live in a country that was founded on Freedom with Christian Values. For the sacrifices of the Pilgrims first winter, that because of their hope to survive on just corn,聽to our men and women in the service today, fighting for our country. For the people who harvest not only their lands but theirs hearts to make communities strong and keep our land bountiful. For the ones that have gone before us to inspire and lead us to a blessed future. But most importantly for my own family, the love they have for me sweetens my life everyday.
It’s not about money, things that I have, thngs I have done or said, or聽any recognition. Those things are only temporarly and do not hold much value of life. It is the close realtionships established聽with people that have become important to me.聽聽I want to leave a聽legacy, so that when one follows that they do not follow in vain.
Thanksgiving to me is about sharing your life! Where, When, With what food, or What you wear is not relevant in my book. It’s WHO you share it with, and what you聽GIVE, 聽EVERY DAY in EVERYWAY that becomes a Blessing!
May God Bless You and Your Families in a very special and real way this Thanksgiving!
Something Yummy to Share:
Thanksgiving Blessing Mix
  • Bugles brand corn snacks-cornucopia shape (Horn of Plenty) a symbol of our nations abundance
  • Pretzels-(Arms folded in Prayer) freedom sought by those who fought for our country
  • Candy Corn-(Pilgrims first winter) food was scare and survived on corn
  • Nuts or Sunflower seeds-(Promise of a future harvest) when seeds are planted we will harvest
  • Dried fruits-(Gifts) our Beautiful and Bountiful Land
  • M&M’s-(Sweet Memories) of those who died before us and those serving to lead and keep our country FREE
  • Hershey’s Kisses-(Love) the unconditional love from our family and friends that sweetens our lives
Mix a portion of each ingredient in bowl-serve and enjoy!
Happy Thanksgiving