7 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge-Day One

Each day will be a time of concentration of cleaning deeply in detail, so that the next cleaning will be less stressful. You may want to start with de-cluttering so that there is not as much to clean, and then re-organize after the deep clean.

You may do the days in any order but try to at least accomplish 2 or more days in a row.

Day One: Spruce up your Bedroom!

Why start here? Because after your first day of cleaning you will want to rest in a place of comfort and your bedroom should be that place!

  • Open up the windows to allow fresh air.
  • Take all the linens and dirty towels to the laundry room and start the washer.
  • Remove all trash and items that do not belong in the room.
  • Take a broom and sweep out any cobwebs in the corners of the room etc…
  • Dust from top to bottom, left to right. Including vents, ceiling fans, blinds/shades, windowsills, pictures, lamps etc…
  • Polish all furniture. Knickknacks  and other items of wood.
  • Clean any mirrors, frames, lights, and items not cleaned.
  • Turn your mattress over.
  • Take rugs, mats and comforters outside and shake them out.  Some you can wash and dry so those need to be taken to the washer. Take the linens and towels that you started out of the washer, put them into the dryer and start the mats or comforters.
  • Clean out under your bed….then sweep, mop or vacuum under your bed.
  • Put all items back in place.
  • Make bed with fresh linens. Put comforter and/or mats in dryer.
  • Clean base boards.
  • Sweep, mop or vacuum rest of floors.
  • Place comforter and mats in proper places.
  • Close windows and burn your favorite candle. Like a lavender scent. (Scentsy Candles are awesome-Click on the link and see what is good for you.)

This basic method can be used for most bedrooms and be adjusted accordingly. Complete all bedrooms!

Once all bedrooms are deep cleaned, RELAX!  Enjoy your place of rest!

Moving on to day TWO!

Spring Cleaning-Lets go!

Need help getting started? Here are the top 2 things that will get things going!

  • Make a plan of action
  1. Decide what you want to do and make a list.
  2. Decide what order you want to do the things listed.
  3. Male a list of things you will need…cleaning supplies, bins, tools, trash bags, etc…
  4. Decide on a day, time and time limit.
  5. Decide on a reward.
  6. Have a family discussion so that everyone can be on the same page. See how they can help and possibly learn a new life skill.
  7. Clear the items not necessary.
  8. Remove trash and items that are broken.
  • Gather your supplies!
  1. All cleaners, including rags, paper towels, micro-rags, and dusters.
  2. Gather tools-vacuum cleaner, mop, broom and duster
  3. Bags/bins..trash bags, assorted zip locks bags, assorted storage bins and labels.

One area at a time!

One room at a time!

Once project at a time!

Get started and know that every time you Spring Clean you refresh and renew your home!

Good Luck~

Basic New Year Cleaning

Starting the New Year can be Challenging  when it comes to Cleaning, But if you have a Cleaning Schedule, you can have “Less Stress From Cleaning the Mess.”

Start with Creating a Cleaning Schedule just for your family….here is how!

Creating a cleaning schedule can be a confusing job. How often do cleaning tasks need to be performed? How long does a particular job take? What chores are considered daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonal tasks? The truth is that no one schedule will work perfectly for the same two people. If your home has small children, you may find that weekly tasks need to be performed daily to prevent getting behind. If you live alone, some daily tasks may only need to be done weekly. Allergy sufferers and people with breathing issues may need to perform certain tasks on a more frequent basis. Use the following guidelines as a starting point to developing your own daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal cleaning schedule.

Daily Cleaning Chores

Daily cleaning chores are the absolute minimum that must be done on a daily basis to keep a home clean. Depending on the type of household you live in, some of these chores may even need to be done more than once during a day.

Weekly Cleaning Chores

Although most of these chores don’t require daily work, they are still some of the most important tasks that need to be done in our homes. Some items may need to be completed more often. Scheduling these chores in addition to your daily chores will help you maintain order and cleanliness in your home.

Monthly Cleaning Chores

Monthly cleaning chores are my favorite weekend chores. These are areas of your home that can afford to be neglected during your daily and weekly cleaning sessions, but ultimately a good thorough monthly cleaning is needed.

Seasonal Cleaning Chores

Although seasonal cleaning chores are important, they are usually the most forgotten parts of home maintenance. Our attention is only needed in these areas two to three times a year, but it is vital to maintaining and cleaning our homes.

School Stuff (Part 2 of 2) Papers

Here are some really neat suggestions to help with Papers and other items for School!

At The Beginning Of The School Year Designate A Large Envelope For Each Child’s School Papers

School papers are most useful for the school year they are issued, so start each school year off fresh with a big folder or binder, or something to keep each child’s school papers in.

I suggest getting and setting up these envelopes or folders at the same time you buy your child’s school supplies.

If your child brings home lots of stuff, you may even want to create a new one each semester or quarter. Whatever suits your needs, but the minimum is each year.

Go Through Your Child’s School Papers Daily As Part Of Their Homework Habit

As children get older they will have to do some type of homework, even on days when they don’t bring a specific worksheet home.

If nothing else, have each child show you their backpack, which they clean out to make sure there are no papers that need to be reviewed.

Then put all graded homework in their folder for that year, once you review it, to get it out of the way.

Put All Dates On The Family Calendar

Other school papers that I review have information on them, such as assignments or dates to remember on them.

All tests, quizzes, homework assignments, projects, library book return dates,Also try to write on the family calendar the dates of everything involved. School closings, school vacation or holidays, field trips and special events. All notes and newsletter info too.

Once written on the family calendar, which is in a central location, unless the school paper is really important it should be typically thrown away.

If it is important, you can place it in a folder in that childs school notebook.

Just be sure, if you do this, that you clean out this folder regularly, or you will soon have now useless information from two years ago cluttering up your home but most important you could miss something really important.

Also keep the detailed instructions about projects, because the space on the calendar nay not big enough to write all the details, just a summary.

Once the project is done, and graded, you  can generally throw the instructions away.

Every day, while your child does homework, you can look at the family calendar together to make sure you are on track for all assignments, such as studying for the spelling test tomorrow, or beginning the big assignment due next Friday to be able to do a little each day.

This crucial habit also allows you and your child to figure out if  your child is ready for the next school day, such as putting all library books in their backpack to be returned by their due date.

Put All Contact Information In Your Address Book

Each year your child may get new teachers and/or a new bus driver. I periodically need this information, which is generally passed out at the beginning of each school year.

I take the time when I get this big stack of school papers each fall to put all the information in the right locations for future quick reference when I need it.

If I didn’t do this, I would never be able to find the paper with the bus driver’s name on it, to know her phone number when I need it, for example.

And trust me, if I need to call the bus driver, it is some type of important reason, so I need that number, and I need to be able to find it quickly without a lot of hassle.

Fill Out All Paperwork Promptly And Return It To School.

I have no idea if all schools do this, but my child’s school has Friday Folders. These folders are used to bring home the majority of information for the week, on you guessed it, Friday.

A Friday Folder typically includes lots of graded homework and tests, field trip permission slips, class or school newsletters, and a menu for the school cafeteria.

I suggest going through your child’s Friday Folder while they are doing their homework and dealing with any paperwork as soon as possible.

I try to go ahead and immediately fill out permission slips or sign report cards, so I do not forget.

This habit also makes it easy to place it right back in the Friday Folder on that Friday for delivery back to the teacher by your child.

Please note that another reason that you need to check your child’s backpack at least quickly daily is because they are being entrusted to turn information back in to their teacher.

All children will occasionally forget to turn something in, such as a homework assignment or other paperwork. When you and your child check their backpack daily you can generally catch a problem before it is too late.

At The End Of The School Year Clean Out Your Child’s School Papers Folder of Non-Essentials

At the end of the school year your child’s folder will likely be stuffed with school paperwork and completed homework assignments, because of all those graded worksheets and other information.

You can use their folder as a keepsake of their school year.

I like to keep my child’s report cards, and representative homework assignments in several areas of study from various points during the school year.

I also like to keep not just the A+ work, but I also like to keep some things which show them struggling and then improving in various areas of study.

That is more like real life and what really happened then just the perfect scores.

You don’t need to, and in my opinion, shouldn’t keep all the school papers that your child brings home once the school year is over. It just becomes a big pile of clutter once the school year is over. So cull out the repetitive parts and just keep the gems.

I hope these few ideas have helped you spur some of your own for to stay organize and help track of the mountains of school paperwork.

So now it is your turn. My way is not the only right way, and maybe your way will work better for another person reading this. Tell me below how you keep track of your child’s school papers.

May your life be full of information!

~Assorted Sources

Back to School-Basic Organization

Move over, summer–a new school year is coming!

With the start of school, families face new organization challenges. School bells ring–and so do early-morning alarm clocks. Shorter autumn days bring a hectic round of sports, activities and events, and calendars fill with cryptic notes. Can the holidays be far behind?

Get organized now for the best school year ever! Use these ideas to prepare your home and family for the busy days ahead:

  • Create Calendar Central

Each school year floats on a sea of schedules. School functions. Lunch menus. Scout meetings and music lessons. What do you do when you’re drowning in paper?

Nothing calms school year chaos like Calendar Central: a centralized site for all family calendars and schedules. You’ll need a family event calendar to track after-school activities, school programs and volunteer work. Add specialized calendars and schedules, and you have it: a one-stop shop for family time management.

Form is less important than function. A paper calendar with large squares lets you enter information easily. Pre-printed white board calendars are easy to revise when necessary. Color-coding entries by family member helps keep busy lives straight.

Planner users dedicate a planner section to serve as Calendar Central, while tech-savvy  store the info in a smart phone and sync with multiple computers. Choose a calendar format that works for your family.

Post the family event calendar in a public place near the telephone. Use magnets to attach the calendar to the refrigerator, or tack it to a bulletin board.

Add other calendars to Calendar Central: school lunch menus, class assignment sheets, sports practice schedules. When the room mother calls for field trip volunteers, you’ll know at a glance whether you’re free to join the group on the bus that day.

  • Ease the family into a school year schedule.

The first day of school is no time for a drastic adjustment of household sleep schedules. Instead, ease children back into a school year routine gradually.

During the last two weeks of summer, re-introduce a school year bedtime. Begin waking late sleepers earlier and earlier, closer to the hour they’ll need to rise when school begins.

Don’t neglect mealtimes! Younger children, in particular, need to adapt to new meal routines before the school day demands it of them. Plan meals and snacks to accustom little ones to rituals of the school day before the school year begins.

  • Check before you shop

August is the second-biggest sales month for clothing retailers. Back to school clothing sales begin as early as July! Are you prepared to run the school clothes gauntlet?

An informed shopper is a savvy shopper, so prepare before you shop. Take an afternoon and assess each child’s clothing needs. Empty drawers and closets of outgrown or worn-out clothing, and either store or donate the discards.

Working with your child, clean and organize clothing storage before new garments are added–and cut down on school morning calls of “Mom! I don’t have any clean . . . . ”

Develop a wardrobe needs list for each child. Check for possible hand-me-downs from older siblings as you make your list. If you discuss the needs list and the family budget with your children before you shop, you’ll avoid in-the-store tantrums.

Similarly, ask the school for classroom supply lists before shopping for school supplies. Forewarned is forearmed … and helps protect the family budget.

Do shop early! With back-to-school sales beginning in mid-July, tardy shoppers have a tough time locating needed supplies among September’s Halloween costumes and Christmas decorations.

  • Gather your papers

School entry may require documentation from immunization records to report cards from the previous school year. A little preparation can prevent frantic last-minute searches.

Call your child’s school beforehand to find out what paperwork will be required–then find it! You won’t be sorry come registration day.

  • Take aim on morning madness

How are school mornings in your home? Crazed and chaotic, or calm and cheerful? Plan ahead to send your schoolchildren out the door in a happy mood.

Each evening, think ahead to the following morning. Set the breakfast table as you clear the dinner dishes. Lay out children’s clothing the night before.

Multi-child households may need a bathroom schedule so that everyone gets equal time before the mirror.

What do you do about books and papers, lunch money and permission slips? Make a specific place for each so that no one will be without.

  • Spiff up household systems

A new school year quickens the tempo of family life. Sports activities, music lessons, church programs and volunteer commitments tap parental time and put new mileage on the mini-van.

Get organized! Spiff up your household systems to meet autumn’s faster pace”

Take a stab at speed cleaning and whip through household chores in record time.

Cut time in the kitchen: create a menu plan and never again wonder “What’s for dinner?”

Try a session of freezer cooking and stock the freezer with prepared meals for stress-free dinners on sports nights.

Whatever you do, just know that if you make your family a priority…then everything else will be GREAT!

Enjoy your last few Summer Moments and Make Back to School Simple and Super!


Back to School Beginning Hints

Make Life Easier!

Pack lunches the night before and refrigerate!

Make sure backpacks are packed and ready to go the night before.

Create a homework center. Stock with extra crayons and supplies needed to complete homework. Make sure it’s not near a t.v.

Lay out clothes the night before.

Remember kids need to make as many decisions as possible. Avoid power struggles by letting them make small decisions.

Create a special hamper in the laundry room for uniforms and other rush items.

Fold T-shirts so that the design is recognizable without unfolding.

Each evening have a 30 minute family clean up time to get everything back in place.

Back To School Shopping!

Buy smaller glue and crayons. Space is limited and teachers stress children sometimes lose these items easily.

Remember school dress rules when buying clothing. Some schools have rules about the verbage appearing on t-shirts.

Don’t buy plastic scissors for your school aged children as they just don’t perform up to standards.

Consider the new velcro straps for books as some schools require backpacks be stored upon arrival at school.

Buy socks that are all the same for easy matching at laundry time.

Make sure to buy lots of extras before school starts. Take advantage of the lower prices.

Again when possible let kids choose their own items or at least the color or design.

Buy a good backpack and lunch box as these are probably the most abused. Save on the trendy stuff.

Make sure you buy a lunch box or backpack that your small child can open easily.

When buying shoes buy extra shoe strings and polish if necessary.

If you have trouble telling your kids’ socks and underwear apart; Buy different brands as they usually have a different colored stripe, or band on them.

Back To School Prep!

About 2 weeks before school starts: Begin going to bed and getting up on a school schedule.

The weekend before school starts: Don’t make any stressful plans for big events or trips.

Don’t forget to check out that bus schedule!

Call your school or organization and get the facts about fall sports teams and social clubs. Don’t be late or miss something!

Make sure to get all immunizations and physical completed.

Make a master list of Mom and Dads phone numbers along with doctors and emergency numbers. You are sure to need these several times.

If you have medical concerns make sure to meet with the school nurse prior to the first day. Especially if medicine must be given at school.

Get a couple of rolls of quarters and dimes. Put them in the cabinet so you don’t have to hunt for change at the last minute.

Make a check list of items easily forgotten at the last minute and hang it in an obvious place.

Put up several hooks for backpacks, jackets, and lunch boxes. Don’t hang them too High!

Make up some freezeable lunch and breakfast items for those crazy days. Thaw and nuke!

Label, Label, Label; All items that will be taken to school or worn and taken off at school!

Make a list of rules and adjustments for school days: Homework schedule, tv schedule, bath time, bed time etc…

Make sure to arrange afterschool daycare!

Save 35 mm film canisters for change in lunchbox.

Try to set up a time to meet the teacher; some schools provide this occasion.

Go over school rules with your child.

Make a calendar to place in a visible spot; fill in events and school vacation days.

Make a special box for your children to place forms from school which need special attention.

By Cynthia – Organized Home

Alternative Rewards and Possibilities



Going to the park Playing with friends Getting in bed with parents
Making mud pies Listening to a bedtime story Playing on a swing set
Spending the night with friends or grandparents Being lifted into the air Feeding a pet
Rocking Playing games Making noises with rattles, pans, or bells
Having a horse ride by swinging on parent’s foot Doing a puppet play Having parents take a Polaroid picture of the child
Talking into a tape recorder Going out for hamburgers or pizza Wearing dress-up clothes
Playing with clay or playdough Going someplace alone with dad or mom Helping plan the day’s activities
Helping mom or dad Having a longer time in the bathtub Riding on a bicycle with dad or mom
Whirling in a circle by arms Watching a rainstorm Playing in the sandbox
Sitting in the chair with dad or mom Going to the library Going for a picnic
Bouncing on the bed Playing outside Riding a tricycle
Staying up late Going on a trip to the zoo Getting a piggy-back ride
Having a bubble bath Singing songs Skipping
Delaying a nap Flushing the toilet Riding on dad’s shoulders
Going outside at night Having a family night Helping to hold baby sister or brother
Swimming Reading a story Mixing cookie dough
Having a special dessert Chewing gum Finger painting
Drawing with crayons Listening to walkman Playing a game with
Sitting in the front seat Playing video game Watching a video
Renting a video game Renting a video Computer time

 Elementary School Children

Taking a trip to the park Playing with friends Having a bedtime story
Playing on the swing set Spending the night with friends or grandparents Going to a ball game
Spending the night with friends or grandparents Being lifted into the air Feeding a pet
Eating out Going someplace alone with dad or mom Baking something in the kitchen
Planning a day’s activities Riding on a bicycle Going on a fishing trip with dad or mom
Choosing a TV program Taking time off from chores Holding hands while walking
Using the telephone Dressing up in parent’s clothes Setting the table
Camping in the backyard Going to the library Chewing gum
Telling a round-robin story Decorating the home for the holidays Helping to make Jell-O, popcorn, or something similar
Helping to take a gift to a friend Feeding the baby Staying up late
Going to the movies, especially with a friend Making a trip along Playing a favorite tape or CD
Coloring Riding next to the window in the car Riding in the front seat
Listening to themselves on a tape recording Choosing the menu for a meal Calling grandma to tell of their successes
Getting a promise to ride the escalator three or four times in a store Putting up schoolwork on the refrigerator door Buying something
Planting a garden Going for a picnic Going skating, swimming or bowling
Making something, some special craft with mom or dad Ordering pizza Going for a hike
Going canoeing or camping or fishing or skiing Sleeping in a different place in the house Doing a jigsaw puzzle
Decorating your own room Having a special after-school snack Having a special treat in their school lunch
Choosing a special breakfast Playing a game with mom or dad like checkers, marbles or cards Listening to a walkman
Computer time Playing a video game Renting a video game


Having dating privileges Participating in activities with friends Having friends over
Taking dancing or music lessons Redecorating their own room Skating or bowling with friends
Talking additional time on the telephone Playing the stereo Making a trip alone
Finding a part-time job Taking the car to school for a day Getting to stay out late
Having car privileges Staying up late Staying overnight with friends
Taking time off from chores Having a date during the week Getting a chance to earn money
Selecting TV programs Being the chairman at a family meeting Getting to use the family camera
Getting a driver’s license Driving the car on a family trip Camping out
Going to summer camp Getting a special haircut or hair style Going to Disneyland or some other amusement park
Being allowed to sit alone when the family eats out Inviting a friend to eat out Getting to sleep in late on the weekend
Having their own checking account Receiving a magazine subscription Going shopping with friends
Buying a tape or CD Having their own telephone Selecting something special for dinner
Going to the library Going bowling, skating, etc. with friends Going horseback riding
Going to a concert with friends Going to the movies with friends Computer time


There are so many options but these are just a few from various sources!  I pray that these will help have much success!  GTG…RR~!