Teen Bedrooms


 “As I opened the door…I had to force myself to take a deep breath.”

                                  If you have teens, this is a normal response when you open the door to their rooms. LOL

My kids have been told from day one, “It’s ok to make a mess as long as you clean it up.”

No problem right?  Well, some days are easier than others. Especially when I didn’t know my kids had so much stuff.

LOL So, how do we help them help themselves?

After doing a little research I have fond some tips that could help!!!

                                                                            ~PRAY~ PRAY~ PRAY~Image

  • First of all make sure that all members are on board.  Let your teens and family know that you all are going to try something NEW.
  • Make sure that everyone knows what is expected and decides on what “A CLEAN ROOM,” means.  Get all opinions and make a final decision.
  • Set up goals-like once a week, monthly, and seasonal.
  • Create a list of rewards and consequences.  Teens are encouraged to help with this list. Once gathered keep them close to remember.
  • Show each other how to do what is needed, help when needed, and then let everyone do their part.
  • Leave room for negotiation but do not take advantage of each other.  RESPECT!
  • Remember that the mess is not as important as the relationship!
  • Know that there will be moments of frustration or things won’t get done. But encourage one another with praise towards what is done and can be done.  Help each other especially if there is a need or unexpected situations arise.

Remember that we all have to start somewhere and it’s ok to make a mess as long as we clean it up.

Below is a BASIC list of steps that can help ANY Teen clean their Bedrooms!

Start with a list of areas that are worst—than check off as you go.  This will help everyone to feel great about their accomplishments.


Girls – Concentrate on purpose and meaning.Image

      Guys – Concentrate on simplicity and organization.Teen Guy Room

  1. Energetic Music-put on your favorite music a little loud.  Makes you feel excited!
  2. Open windows- (at least your blinds) Light and fresh air will help you get started.
  3. Strip the beds-put the dirty linens away and put clean linens on, then go ahead and make your bed. What a great way to start for your end of the day.
  4. Clean out from under your bed, dressers, desk, and other areas that need attention.
  5. Clean off dressers, night stands, bookshelves, and desks. Polish and put back only what is needed.  Place items where they belong and re-organize if needed.
  6. Take anything that does not belong to your room and put them where they belong.
  7. Hang and put away clean clothes, shoes, and any other accessories.
  8. Remove any trash, dirty dishes, dirty laundry etc…
  9. Remove anything that is left on the floor or put those items where they belong.
  10.  Sweep and/or vacuum room.

Spray a little air freshener of your choice….DONE!!! Congratulations!!!

ImageFor a deeper clean, add these steps.

  • Dump each drawer that is in your room one at a time. Declutter then Re-organize.
  • Clean out closet. Declutter and then Re-organize.
  • Sweep corners and walls for cobwebs.
  • Dust light fixtures, vents, ceiling fans, blinds, and nicknacks.
  • Clean light switches, door handles, and any mirrors.
  • Clean windows inside and out.

Declutter-get rid of things that are trash, not needed, broken, no longer age appropriate or not in the right space. Only keep things that are needed or necessary for immediate future use.

Organize-after you declutter, start with a clean area. Keep things that are logical for your needs.  Put them in places by where you use often and things you don’t use often. Or arrange by necessity and function.

  •   For Seasonal: try re-arranging the room for a different look-feel.

 Now that your room looks and smells great how can we keep it up?

 Easy!!!   Keep things simple-Put things back asap-once a week pickup!


Again, we will have messes and things will pile up but we can have a cleaner and more organized room if we do a little every day.  Then when we need to really clean we have the basics to have “less stress from cleaning the mess.”

Enjoy your kiddos…mess and all!!!




7 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge-Day One

Each day will be a time of concentration of cleaning deeply in detail, so that the next cleaning will be less stressful. You may want to start with de-cluttering so that there is not as much to clean, and then re-organize after the deep clean.

You may do the days in any order but try to at least accomplish 2 or more days in a row.

Day One: Spruce up your Bedroom!

Why start here? Because after your first day of cleaning you will want to rest in a place of comfort and your bedroom should be that place!

  • Open up the windows to allow fresh air.
  • Take all the linens and dirty towels to the laundry room and start the washer.
  • Remove all trash and items that do not belong in the room.
  • Take a broom and sweep out any cobwebs in the corners of the room etc…
  • Dust from top to bottom, left to right. Including vents, ceiling fans, blinds/shades, windowsills, pictures, lamps etc…
  • Polish all furniture. Knickknacks  and other items of wood.
  • Clean any mirrors, frames, lights, and items not cleaned.
  • Turn your mattress over.
  • Take rugs, mats and comforters outside and shake them out.  Some you can wash and dry so those need to be taken to the washer. Take the linens and towels that you started out of the washer, put them into the dryer and start the mats or comforters.
  • Clean out under your bed….then sweep, mop or vacuum under your bed.
  • Put all items back in place.
  • Make bed with fresh linens. Put comforter and/or mats in dryer.
  • Clean base boards.
  • Sweep, mop or vacuum rest of floors.
  • Place comforter and mats in proper places.
  • Close windows and burn your favorite candle. Like a lavender scent. (Scentsy Candles are awesome-Click on the link and see what is good for you.)

This basic method can be used for most bedrooms and be adjusted accordingly. Complete all bedrooms!

Once all bedrooms are deep cleaned, RELAX!  Enjoy your place of rest!

Moving on to day TWO!