Home Blessing ~ Definition

Home Blessing!

People keep asking just what is my Home Blessing~ So I thought that I would give you a basic idea !

Once a week, sometimes more, I pray over each room as I clean. I mean I pray for my home all the time but this is a specific time of prayer for that particular time, for that particular purpose. The prayers will be a little different each time but here is kind of an outline that I use.

This particular prayer is the one I used today!

I start with Thanking God for who he is and for blessing me with a husband and children. Along with my home, family, friends, church and anything else that comes to mind. Than I thank God for my husbands job, our cars, food, clothing, and all the nice things he has given us. Then I give Thanks for providing what we need and sometimes what we want. And then I  pray for protection for our property from the outside in to the inside out.


ENTRY: As I clean the entry, I pray that all who enter will be blessed and feel “AT HOME.” I pray for the desk area: That I have a place to work, play and keep things organized. I pray that the dinner table will be blessed with many meals that will be shared with our family as well as others. I pray for the décor, photos and other items that when people look at them they see a home, not just a house. And finally I thank God for the big window so that I can see my kids play, go to the bus and come home safely.

Kitchen: Cleaning the kitchen takes awhile sometimes, but when I remember that what goes on in a kitchen, I am encouraged that the kitchen is the heart of the home and the work is not so bad after all. I pray as I do the dishes, thanking God that we have dishes and food that is served on them. I thank God for the dishwasher for it helps clean the dishes faster. I thank God for the stove and microwave that cooks and heats up our food so that we feel good inside from the warmth. I thank God for our refrigerator that keeps our food fresh and leftovers ready for the next meal. That our drinks are nice and cool and that we have more than enough. I thank God for the pantry that keeps all of our choices, from snacks to dinner to breakfast. That all I have to do is open the door and reach. I also thank God for the cabinets that hold all of our cooking stuff and serving stuff, so that we don’t have to do everything by hand and can serve others. And I also thank God for the area for my dogs…yep they need food and water too!

Living Area: This is a special area because we are in this area the most as a family. So as I clean I thank God that we actually spend family time together here…weather it’s playing on the wii, watching a movie or cuddling on the couch talking. Dusting the TV and putting the games back reminds me that we have fun. I also thank God for the back door….that lets us go outside and just run and play. I thank God for the tables and chairs that they provide a nice place to sit and share our photos and have talks. From running in the sprinklers, to having campfire with smores, from playing with the dogs to shooting bows, and paint guns!

Bathrooms: The kids bathrooms are the funniest…not the cleanest but fun! I love and thank God for their bathroom because as I clean I get to see their lives and how they grow up. From bubbles and toys to deodorants and shavers. Yep…the rings in the tub show clear signs that they are active and taking care of themselves. The towels hanging, are no longer Tinker bell or Toy story but Pinks and Blue. Love it when I put fresh ones out! It’s not a joy to clean the toilet but then when I clean the mirrors, I sometimes can actually see myself from the spots of toothpaste. At least they are brushing! After taking the mats and cleaning the floor, I love that I can give my kids a clean bathroom for their specific needs.

Playroom—Now game Room! As I dust the shelf’s with books, yearbooks, photos and trophies…I can’t help but smile and thank God how my kids’ are growing up. Sometimes I thank God for their creative things they made from school that are proudly displayed. I love to put the board games back and the video games back because it reminds me of our Friday Family Fun Night. I thank God for the couch they have to sit on with their friends and I thank God they have a fun place indoors to have fun.

My kids rooms: Changing the sheets and putting fresh ones on reminds me to be grateful that they always have a safe place to sleep. I thank God that not only they have a bed but other furniture to keep their clothes and toys and their important things just were they like them. I thank God for all their toys because they are so creative and play so well together. I thank God for their shoes and clothes that they have more than enough. I thank God that they are so different and love different things.

Master bedroom: I thank God that I have a husband to share a home with. As I clean the clothes, put back the weekly shoes, etc… I am reminded what a great husband and provider God has blessed me with…how his items are mine and mine are his. That our room is special for us as man and wife. And of course I thank God for the numerous amounts of times that our kids come in our room and want to hang out with us, even at 2 o’clock in the am.

Master Bathroom: I am thankful for the Large tub for relaxing bubble baths. I thank God for my shower that is perfect for cleaning our bodies after a day at the corral. I am thankful for our sinks that we use to clean and refresh our mouths, faces and hands. That we have running water….Cleaning the master bathroom reminds me that even though my husband and I have different schedules, coming home to a clean bathroom is refreshing!

Laundry: YES I am even thankful for laundry. Even though it never ends and it’s not my favorite…I am thankful that we do have clothes. That we have a variety of styles and choices to bring out our personality . To help us stay clean or enjoy a vacation. I thank God for the warmth and fresh scent as I pull the clothes our out the dryer. As I fold and hang I thank God that we have so many items and places to put them.

Garage/Attic: When it’s not 100% weather, I am thankful that I can clean out the garage. So that we can keep our bikes, skates, and all our other outside items stored properly, to enjoy the outside. I love being able to park my car in the garage and get to the things I need when I need them. Even though I don’t to cleaning in the attic, I am thank God that we have an attic to store seasonal things…especially Christmas!

At the end of my Home Blessing and Cleaning…I also Thank God for the ability to be a stay at home mom. Even thought sometimes I feel like it’s a thankless job, I know that my family appreciates me so that is why I bless my home as best as I can…. I am honored that I have a husband that shares the same vision as I do, works hard so that I can stay at home with our kids. I end my prayer asking God to show me how to do what I need to do on a daily basis so that can continue to provide my family a HOME. I also pray that God leads me to opportunities to enrich our home; For new cooking or cleaning ideas…for new ideas for family time etc…and as I put always my cleaning supplies away, I thank God that he gave me strength to do it all! Now the prayers will be different each time…it all depends on what I am cleaning or what I need to do…so yours will be different too!

If you ever need a prayer partner…just ask!!!

So in conclusion, My Home Blessing Day is to do just that, BLESS MY HOME! May God Bless You As You Bless Your Home! Prov. 31:27a