New Years ~~~Inside Out

Need some help getting started or a plan for your New Years Resolution this might help:
Start from THE INSIDE OUT~~~
Well Being
  •  Attitude:    Make a decision to be happy.Take out the trash in your mind and heart and fill it with Good

Ask for forgiveness and Forgive Others

Be willing to make changes

Lower your expectations on others and yourself

  • Adjustments:

Re-evaluate your priorities

Take better care of yourself to be able to care of others

Limit your activities

Be Active in each or your family’s life

Be able to ask for help

Make time for yourself

  • Guidelines:

Make Better Choices

Listen, Think, then Speak

Don’t Give Up

Love and Give without Expectation

Here are some Tips for Making New Years Resolutions ~ 

  • Start with setting your Resolutions NOT above and beyond your personal means.
  • Make Long Term Resolutions and Short Term Resolutions.
  • Be careful of the same Resolutions! Be cautious, evaluate if it is a tool for encouragement of a need for change.
  • Journal it. Great for looking back at all your accomplishments.
  • Share with family and friends for support and accountability.


Enjoy the little things and enjoy each step you take with all of your New Year Resolutions!