Spring Cleaning – 10 Ideas to get started!

Spring Cleaning Begins with ME!Image

Our minds and hearts are like our homes.  The more clutter the more stress.

Spring is just around the corner and is a perfect time to clear out the anger, wash away the procrastination, dust off the attitude, throw out misunderstanding and alack of patience, along with lighten up your thoughts with humor and fun.

Spring is a time for NEW!  New ideas, a fresh perspective, and enjoying the little things with the big things.

Below are 10 ideas to get the season off to a right start:

1. Assign a task each day.

2. Be ruthless when it comes to getting things done.

3. Donate, get rid of or sell at least 1 thing in each room.

4. Open up the windows for fresh air.

5. Turn off the tv and turn the music on and dance.

6. Spend 1 hour a day to yourself.

7. Have a date night or a family night or both.

8. Take a moment and spend some time with a good friend.

9. Make a schedule to have some fun on your Spring Break.

10.  Decide that today is going to be a good day!

Enjoy life even in the mist of business and remember that Spring Cleaning starts with YOU!

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