Junk Drawer

 How many junk drawers is too many?

After some research here is what I came up with:

10% as many as needed

20% 1 small per room,

70%  ONLY ONE!

If you have too many here are some suggestions to tame the JUNK!

  • Remember that most of the items in the Junk Drawer are items that do not have a home or just put in there as a convenance. Try to establish a home for at least half of the items and then organize the rest.  Go back monthly to get current items so that they do not get lost.
  • Keep each Junk Drawer very small-no bigger than the size of a shoe box. This will help eliminate lots of stuff and control what can and cannot fit. If possible label the drawer and Misc or Junk Drawer…sometimes the label is offensive,  there is less Junk and usually becomes unnecessary.
  • If trying to eliminate the number of Junk Drawers, start with the smallest one first. Then do not start a new one in that area.  Once you get down to a few Junk Drawers, you will be able to declutter even more with less stress.
  • If you only have one…keep the size small.  You may want to resize the one you have but dumping the Junk Drawer into a show box and deciding what to keep and what not to keep.
  • Basically less is best, and by cleaning out the drawer(s) several times a year (once every 3 months), even your Junk Drawer can be organized with purpose.

Bottom line…You control the clutter or it will control you.

Good Luck!