Tossing Tips

To Treasure, Toss or Trash ~

That is the Question!

So what is the answer?  Here are some ideas to help!

  •  Toys: Broken items that cannot be fixed, haven’t played with for over a year or so, or no longer age appropriate.
  • Magazines/Books: If they are no longer interesting, have expired over a year, damaged or just no longer need. Also you can tear out the pages that you need and file them and toss the rest of the book or magazine.
  • Movies: no longer age appropriate, damaged etc…
  • Board Games: Pieces missing or no longer age appropriate.
  • Stuffed animals: Multiples multiply so decrease.  Ex. if you have 4 dogs…decreases by half, or at least one.
  • Papers: if not art work or something work keeping, trash right away. May can transfer information on calendar or notebook then toss the paper. Take photos and put them on disk, then toss paperwork.
  • Educational Items: Unless you are a teacher, look at the age on the container. If there are no children within 6 mths of that age, then toss.
  • Art supplies: Dried up, broken, caps missing, no longer working –toss.  Anything damaged.
  • Puzzles: toss if pieces are missing.
  • Clothes/Shoes: too small, too big, torn, worn or faded, have more than 5 (toss out oldest or the one that is not as new looking as the others.  Use tossed clothing for siblings or donate asap.
  • Sentimental items: Toss out items that are no longer needed. Use clear storage bins to store items to pass down. LABEL. Take photos of things and put them in a scrap book or photo book and toss the items.

Rule of thumb:

Make a decision today for today. Simplicity is best!

Other thoughts:

~Think logically and not “but one day……”

~Don’t get overwhelmed on what you do keep. Keep like items together, find homes and enjoy!

~Donations are wonderful gifts to others. Churches and donation drop offs,  are great places to start.

~If you are really still uncertain about an item…put it in a box. Label it as “THINKING.”  Put them away for 30 days and see what you feel about them on day 31.  You can continue this process until all items have a place or as you de clutter and clean other projects.

Good luck and know that every thing you do is progress!