7 Day Spring Clean Challenge – Day 7

Wild Card

Today is your last day of the 7 Day Deep Spring Cleaning!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!  You have done an amazing job!

So basically 90% of your home has been Deep Cleaned, right? But what about the other 10%?   We all want 100%!

The other 10% is what you will be doing today!

This will include areas that have not been listed or projects that need to be completed.

  •  Closets: Clothes and shoes and sentimental items.  Remove all items that you no longer wear or use for the last 3 years. Donate asap. Some exceptions are seasonal items or that are heirlooms.
  • De clutter: movies, magazines, games, books, knickknacks’ or inside decorations, holiday décor, and other items that seem to stack up.
  • Jewelry, scarves, jackets, and hats, sweaters: Give to charity items you no longer wear, or have not used in over 3 years.
  • Craft Room: clear out clutter and then resupply your needs.
  • Laundry room.  Get laundry sorters’ to help keep the launder in their places. Make sure your cabinets and shelves are clutter free and clean then. Makes sure vents and hoses are cleaned and safe.
  • Paper taming.  Complete your filing. Shred papers that you no longer need. Keep things current.
  • Rearrange your furniture in a room. Or in several rooms.
  • Arrange new floral arrangements and place them through out your home. This will bring a sense of CLEAN!
  • Home maintenance…fix anything that has needed to be replaced or broke in the last 6 mths.
  • Garage. Enough said! LOL

You choose what is best for you that day. Then later you can add the other projects to your “to do list,”  for the Summer or next deep cleaning opportunity!.

Enjoy your home!