7 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge – Day 6

Outdoor is just as rewarding as the indoor when it comes to Deep Cleaning!

Here are some recommendations:

  • Clean out your gutters.
  • Examine all exterior for damages. Wiring, windows, piping, paneling, decking, patio furniture etc…make a list and have items repaired right away. Small fixes now can save you a major expense or major damage.
  • Clean patio furniture and chairs.
  • Remove old potting plants, dead leaves and items that need to be trashed. Replace with new plants that are colorful, especially the entrance.
  • Weed front and back yard.  Fertilize with a weed and feed and then water yard.
  • Add fresh mulch to flowerbeds, tree areas and shrubs.
  • Trim trees, bushes and shrubbery.
  • Replace light bulbs or outside light sources.
  • Clean or replace doormats.
  • Clean any glass that you can reach. Allow the sun in!
  • Clean out your garbage cans, birdbaths, grills etc…
  • Sweep entrances, driveways and sidewalks.
  • Hand a current décor on your door or place in your yard.
  • Clean out your cars. Wash and wax for a maximum clean.
  •  For those that have a pool, or hot tub, or a pond, or other places, clean as usual.

Make some tea and brownies and enjoy the outdoors!