7 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge -Day 3

 The Kitchen and the heart of the Home!

This day will require several cleaning items.  Gloves, scrubbing brushes, assorted cleaners, trash bags, clean rags, and ice chest.

Let’s Get Started: Start with the hard stuff:

  • Start inside your stove. Apply a cleaner and let sit while you start on your microwave.
  • Clean out microwave inside and out. Then complete cleaning inside your stove.  Make sure you clean the surface area well and the knobs. Finish cleaning the outside of the stove.
  • Refrigerator/Freezer.  Discard anything that is expired, left over’s that have been in there for more than a week. Remove anything that you haven’t used in a year, especially if its freezer burnt. Put items you want in the ice chest so that they will stay cold while you clean.  Give your freezer/fridge a good scrub down. Usually hot soapy water works well…don’t forget to rinse with hot water, and then dry with a cotton towel. Put items from the ice chest back in their proper places and add a box of baking soda. Don’t forget the top the refrigerator.  =)
  • For all other appliance, clean inside and out. If they are not used daily put those away to create more counter space and cleanliness.
  • Pantry-Take everything out.  Yes everything! Discard things that are expired or no longer in use.  Especially those bags that only have a few chips in them. Wipe down all shelves. Place seasonal things high. Place big things on bottom/floor. Use the shelves to organize the things that you are keeping. Boxes with boxes, cans with cans, pastas with pastas etc… You can even use dividers, bins and baskets for things that are smaller or things you want to keep all together.
  • Clean out your spice rack; usually spices are good for about 6mths then they lose their potency and may not add the flavor desired.
  • Clean out cobwebs. Dust and other areas not mentioned.Wipe of counters, and clean smudges of doors and cabinets.
  • Last hard part-Shelves and inside cabinets. Get rid of cookbooks, pots, pans, and knickknacks that just collect dust or take room. Rule of thumb: if you have not used it least once a year it’s time to clear.  Also if you buy a NEW something, get rid of the old something. Eliminate multiples…if you have 20 potholders get rid of at least half. Keep only the best and nicest. Clean out each drawer the same way. Once cleaned out and de-cluttered, put back in place in an organized way. Some areas could have labels or bins with labels for easy access.
  • FLOORS. Scrub the floors including the baseboard. Paying attention to the spaces.  Make sure that floors are completely cleaned and dry before putting mats down.

 Continue to clean any area that needs a good cleaning. Then reward yourself and your family by going out to eat or order in…enjoy the CLEAN and FRESHNESS!