7 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge – Day 2

 Day Two: Bathrooms

  •  Start with deep problem areas such as mold or stains. Clean with Clorox or a strong cleaner to remove tough places.  Some cleaners may need to sit for awhile to be effective. 
  • Do a “DO I USE IT-RUN THROUGH.” Look at medications, lotions, soaps, beauty products, etc…even magazines and discard anything that is expired or  have not used in over a year.
  • Take out all trash.
  • Remove all laundry and any towels, washcloths, rugs and linens that need to be cleaned. Replace with clean linens, and refill toilet paper and tissues.
  • Showers: Run hot water for a few minutes to help loosen any tough areas. Then clean as usual.  Clean shower heads as well to allow the best flow. May need to replace shower liner or squeegee if glass shower.
  • Tubs: allow cleaner to sit for 1-2 minutes then clean as usual. May need to use a sponge with a abrasive side for rings.
  • Toilets: allow cleaner to sit for 3- minutes, then clean with a toilet brush. If there are tough stains you could use an abrasive cleaner or a pumice stone for those areas. KEEP STONE WET to decrease the chance of scratches. (You can also use a Clorox drop in to help the toilet stay clean longer.)
  • Dust any area that may need dusting. Including lights, vents, and the corners of the room.
  • Clean mirrors, sinks and countertops. Microfiber cloths are great. You can also use white cloths or cloth diapers for great results.
  • Use Windex for any silver/chrome areas for a finishing shine.
  • Once all areas are cleaned…declutter underneath the sinks, drawers, towel closets and other areas that have a closed door. Clean and replace items still needed or used.
  • Clean floors and baseboards.
  • Place all items back in their normal places. Lay out fresh hand towels and refill soaps. Replace any light bulbs and candles with a scent for the season.
  • Continue with all bathrooms until all bathrooms are completed.

Senses that are great for bathrooms:  Clean linen, lemon, cucumber, and juniper.

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