Back to School Beginning Hints

Make Life Easier!

Pack lunches the night before and refrigerate!

Make sure backpacks are packed and ready to go the night before.

Create a homework center. Stock with extra crayons and supplies needed to complete homework. Make sure it’s not near a t.v.

Lay out clothes the night before.

Remember kids need to make as many decisions as possible. Avoid power struggles by letting them make small decisions.

Create a special hamper in the laundry room for uniforms and other rush items.

Fold T-shirts so that the design is recognizable without unfolding.

Each evening have a 30 minute family clean up time to get everything back in place.

Back To School Shopping!

Buy smaller glue and crayons. Space is limited and teachers stress children sometimes lose these items easily.

Remember school dress rules when buying clothing. Some schools have rules about the verbage appearing on t-shirts.

Don’t buy plastic scissors for your school aged children as they just don’t perform up to standards.

Consider the new velcro straps for books as some schools require backpacks be stored upon arrival at school.

Buy socks that are all the same for easy matching at laundry time.

Make sure to buy lots of extras before school starts. Take advantage of the lower prices.

Again when possible let kids choose their own items or at least the color or design.

Buy a good backpack and lunch box as these are probably the most abused. Save on the trendy stuff.

Make sure you buy a lunch box or backpack that your small child can open easily.

When buying shoes buy extra shoe strings and polish if necessary.

If you have trouble telling your kids’ socks and underwear apart; Buy different brands as they usually have a different colored stripe, or band on them.

Back To School Prep!

About 2 weeks before school starts: Begin going to bed and getting up on a school schedule.

The weekend before school starts: Don’t make any stressful plans for big events or trips.

Don’t forget to check out that bus schedule!

Call your school or organization and get the facts about fall sports teams and social clubs. Don’t be late or miss something!

Make sure to get all immunizations and physical completed.

Make a master list of Mom and Dads phone numbers along with doctors and emergency numbers. You are sure to need these several times.

If you have medical concerns make sure to meet with the school nurse prior to the first day. Especially if medicine must be given at school.

Get a couple of rolls of quarters and dimes. Put them in the cabinet so you don’t have to hunt for change at the last minute.

Make a check list of items easily forgotten at the last minute and hang it in an obvious place.

Put up several hooks for backpacks, jackets, and lunch boxes. Don’t hang them too High!

Make up some freezeable lunch and breakfast items for those crazy days. Thaw and nuke!

Label, Label, Label; All items that will be taken to school or worn and taken off at school!

Make a list of rules and adjustments for school days: Homework schedule, tv schedule, bath time, bed time etc…

Make sure to arrange afterschool daycare!

Save 35 mm film canisters for change in lunchbox.

Try to set up a time to meet the teacher; some schools provide this occasion.

Go over school rules with your child.

Make a calendar to place in a visible spot; fill in events and school vacation days.

Make a special box for your children to place forms from school which need special attention.

By Cynthia – Organized Home