Summer Fun For Everyone-Part 2


A Few More ideas for Fun in the Summer, Birthday parties, Church activities,  and even in the Classroom! Endless fun for everyone one!

Aqua Pinata

Fill a large plastic bucket with water and hang it from a tree.

Blindfold each person and let them try to hit it with a broom or stick, one at a time.

Watch the splashes and downpour along with laughs.

Art Attack

Have enough white t-shirts for each person. Have each person put on white t-shirt.

With washable paints, have each player Paint a masterpiece on ANOTHER persons back.

Take photos for memories and send them out asap.

Then take a hose and spray for a Tye-dye look!(bring xtra clothes)

Great for fun in the sun !

Colorful Bowling

Take 10 water bottles and remove the labels with hot water.

Use food coloring to make each bottle a color and then replace cap.

Set up the colored water bottles in a triangle for bowling.

Take a ball, roll, and get a strike!

Dog Chases Tail

Line up players, holding each other shoulders or waist, conga style.

Tuck a bandana into the last person’s back pocket.

Then the first person tries to grab the “TAIL” of the last.

Take turns being first and last etc…

Great for a crazy zig-zag run!

Thread the Needle

Have players hold hands in a circle with a hula hoop hanging from on person’s arm.

Each person must step through the hoop and twist and turn to pass the hula hop on to the next person, WITHOUT letting go of your hands. Great ice breaker and fun for all ages!

Tic Tac Toe

Tape a Tic Tac Toe grid on driveway or street with chalk.

Use small toys, rubber ducks, or other items and play the game.

Then cool off by spraying the chalk of with water and then use the dry chalk to create Bright pictures.

Other Great Ideas you can get from this book called, ” Family Fun Boredom Busters.”  Edited by Deanna F.Cook and the experts at FAMILY FUN Magazine.