Reward Types

Types of Rewards for Your Children – There are several types of rewards you can give to your children for completing their chores. You can give them monetary incentives and non-monetary incentives as chores payment.

You might also want to consider designing a ‘bank book’ for each portion of the allowance and tuck each into three separate coffee cans or money jars, and that way you and your child will be able to keep track of how much has been saved, how much has been spent, and how much of their allowance has gone to help someone else.
Should you decide to use non-monetary incentives as chores payment, be sure you set clear parameters for your child.

Be sure they understand that two hours each weekend of their favorite video game or going to see a movie with mom or dad is only earned by completing the chore list successfully each week. You might want to consider writing these on a slip of paper as ‘currency’ for the child to keep in their ‘privilege bank’ and they can cash it in with you when they’d like. Regardless of the method you choose, keep in mind this can be a valuable tool for both you and your child. So, be wise, be patient and be their best friend.


Health experts have cautioned parents to avoid using food to reward kids for every good thing they do. But reserving food rewards for one special effort, such as earning good grades, can be a positive reinforcement for your kids. Don’t just give Junior a candy bar when he brings home an excellent report card. Instead, make the reward more meaningful and significant:

Let him choose what to have for dinner one night.

Take him to his favorite restaurant.

Hit the grocery store together and let him pick out his favorite goodies.


Kids love celebrating with their friends, so reward your child with some special friend time for her accomplishments:

Let her invite a friend or two (or more) over for a sleepover.

Let her pick one friend to take along when you go shopping, to the movies, bowling, etc.

Let her talk/text on the phone or chat on the Internet a little longer than you usually allow.


Kids are always so confined by rules at school and home. Relax those constraints and give your kid a little dose of freedom:

Let him stay up an hour past his regular bedtime.

Give him an extra hour of TV, computer or video game time.

Give him a break from his regular chores to hang out doing whatever he wants.


There’s nothing better you can give your kids than your own time. Turn off the phone, computer and all other distractions and reward your child with your undivided attention (something you may do less often than you realize!):

Let your child select the activity — board game, bike ride, shopping, movies.

Let your child pick the destination of the next family outing.

If you have more than one child, plan an activity that doesn’t include the siblings for a change.

Your child’s favorite things

The key to the perfect reward is knowing what your child really likes. If she likes fashion, take her shopping. If he loves cars, let him test-drive some at a nearby dealership. Go to a salon or a sporting event together. And offer praise. Children love to please their parents, so make sure they know how proud you are. The more personal the reward, the more appreciated it will be.

(Alternative Allowance/Behavior Rewards can be a great tool as well.)  See Aleternative Rewards for details



















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