Allowance-Just a few thoughts!

Allowance or not Allowence! That is a million dollar question and is totally up to each family! You must determine as a family, how the allowance will be earned, how the money will be distributed and how the money will be used. Everyone has different ideas as to how allowances should work. Here are some observations to help make decisions.

1.The path of least resistance is to give your child an allowance and expect nothing in return. Some parents feel that their child’s only job should be going to school and being a kid. Hence they receive an allowance without earning it. That can work but you will need to make sure they do some chores regardless and outside of allowance. Children growing up with no responsibility and no obligations tend to carry that attitude into their adult lives. Even if you firmly believe that a child’s life should only be filled with fun and education, you will still want to make sure they learn life is filled with responsibilities and everyone has them, with no exceptions. They also need to learn how to budget their money by saving some and spending the rest.

2. Some parents feel that nothing in this world is free and an allowance should not be either. The child is required to complete certain chores in order to earn their allowance. Very few children are not motivated by money. Motivation is a good course in the direction of accomplishments. Children who have their eye on a prize can ask the parents for possibility of earning extra money but completing additional chores. This method can help the parents by getting those odd jobs done around the house that are put off until last and can teach the child the value of a job well done. If they do the job well, they get paid.

3. Another option is the parent assigns each chore a specific amount of money. Then the child is allowed to choose the chores that they want to complete. The more chores they do the more money that they make. This method is similar to real life in that those who work harder and longer typically make more money. This method allows children to set goals and plan to achieve them.

Now that your child receives an allowance it is important to teach them how to manage it. Incorporate teaching money management through allowances into everyday life. Show them items that are similar to the one they want to purchase that are on sale. Require them to leave the store and think about if they really want that item. Don’t let them take their allowance with them every time they leave the house. There are many different tips to help your child manage their money. The trick is to find what works for you and your child. ~~~by Chris Lowrey

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