Summer Fun for All Ages

  • Chalk -wet it for more vibrant colors

-use a paintbrush to make a Picasso when you are done

-use chalk to trace body and fill in with Summer Clothes or Beach Scene

  •  Playground -use a roll of crepe paper and tie to shoe. As you swing watch how the color flows.

-roll the paper down the slide

-kites with favorite color

-obstacle courses

-treasure hunt

-swing with you child

-toss a ball

-If a sand box is around make sand castles

  • Water time -water balloon toss

-water guns



  • Pool time…(If you have your own pool)

-Bubbles…add some bubble bath solution and BUBBLES!

-Freeze ice cubes on a string, cut and throw in pool. Make sure string are long so they long so they can be easily seen and tossed after cube melts. Will make a KOOL surprise as you swim.

-Ping Pong balls in a plastic container, fill to bring and cover with lid. Sink to bottom, may have to hold with foot, then one will swim and pull of top. The balls will pop up and then the race is on.

  • Backyard -make pinwheels and make a garden

-Popsicle party…sit on a blanket and eat a cool snack and share stories

-Paint a watermelon with washable paint then take photos and eat

Also you can roll the watermelons on paper and make a masterpiece.

-Sponge time. Have lots of sponges and wet them in buckets of water. Add food coloring to each bucket and make a rainbow wardrobe.

-Bird Box. Use a cardboard box and cut tiny holes all around. Decorate the sides and sprinkle the top with bird seed. Once they see it they will love visiting.

  • Front Yard -Bikes


-Hide and go seek




Here are some sites that are really useful:

For Places and more in HOUSTON TEXAS:

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Things to do: This site is awesome!

Hope this helps! Just remember the most important thing to do:

Spend TIME and VALUE your family!