Summer-Energy Savers For Your Home

Energy Savers In the Home:

Electricity can be expensive~

  • One way we can cut down and save is to do laundry in one day.  I know that sometimes is impossible but, it takes less energy from the washer and dryer and so less electricity expenses.  Let me explain:  When you wash/dry on several days…the washer and dryer have to re-start each day, each cycle. This causes more electricity to be used and causes your bill to increase. If you wash/dry on one day…the washer and dryer have already been started/heated, so it takes less time to produce energy. Therefore, less electricity and less on your bill. I have found that once a week washing and drying saves my household of 4 about $250.00 a year!  May not be a lot to some but every dollar counts in our family. Also, the laundry is complete and then we have more time for fun!
  • Hire a professional to seal and insulate leaky ducts, seal windows and doors. This will also help your home use less energy and less electricity.
  • Leave everything you can unplugged. The toaster, microwave, chargers, blow dryers, lights etc…every bit counts and reduces the chance of a fire.


  • Check to make sure your attic and attached garage is insulted properly. Check the R-value – the higher the R-value the greater the insulation.  Protects you from he extreme heat or extreme cold, therefore, helping your electricity
  • Check your AC unit to maker sure that you unit is not working over time. Usually if you keep it around 73-74, your unit will not have to work so hard. When you are gone for most of the day or if you are on vacation you can set the temperature about 76.
  • Replace air filters and clean vents often. Install ceiling fans. This will help better air circulations that will promote cooling in the Summer and heating efficiency in the winter.
  • Install blinds, drapes, curtains for protection from the sun and heat or extreme weather.
  • Apply a reflective coating to your roof. This will help absorb the suns energy.


  • Plant a tree. Prune the trees, shrubs that you have.
  • Remove debris like grass and leaves that block airflow to your ac unit and gutters.

Landscaping is a natural way to shade your home, and add value to your property!


  • Credit Cards. Call your credit card companies and see if they can give you a lower interest rate.  Or consolidate your bills and make one payment. Interest alone can drain your energy and your pocket book.
  • Bills. Ask your utility company about budget planning. This will help protect you from sudden or unexpected price increases.
  • Fixed Income. You can also contact your state local government; they may have energy assistance to help pay your utilities.

 These are just a few ideas to get you started to help have less stress on your Summer Energy!