Keepsakes without Clutter

  Ways to Save Keepsakes Without Generating Clutter

Here are a few ideas I have used that I hope will add to the chances of keep our memories for  the future:

1.  Frame it- make a beautiful poster. Frame special ones and put them in their rooms, family room, any where. You can even do a collage!

You can even have a bulletin board in the play room and hang their favorites there. Change it each year with their favorites.

2.  Craft it- sometimes a Christmas tree ornament. You can easily do this by taking a lid to a Mason jar, cutting the picture to fit, gluing it in and tying a ribbon around the outside of the lid. Easy keepsake and every year when you take it out to hang it on the tree you can ooooh and ahhhh at how adorable it is as if it’s the first time you’re seeing it.

Make laminated book marks-Use the back and write a letter to someone-Create a storybook of all the childs favorites.

3.  Gift it- Moms and Dads aren’t the only ones that enjoy looking at the things your children create. Grandparents, aunts and uncles, etc, also enjoy so why not give them the chance to own a keepsake? Have your child laminate a favorite picture and cut it into a small puzzle. Use a child’s artwork as wrapping paper next Christmas- think outside the box!

4. Photos/Scrapbook it- Take photos of the art work. Toss the paper. Insert them in a photo book, or a scrap book. If there is not enough photos for a book for each year then you can always have one for Pre-School, one for Elementary, one for Middle School and one for High School! Or one large book and use just a few pages for each area.

5.  Store it- there is so many storage options these days but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to put away precious memories. Buy an accordion envelope at Office Max to store kid’s artwork or school work in, or bins or anything that can be used for each child. Assign each child a storage area. Once it is full it is time to purge what they want to keep.

6.  Purge it- Speaking of purge- everything is NOT a keepsake. Keep the things that make you smile, cry or laugh out loud. Every A+ is not a miracle- but what about the A in the class your kid struggled in all year? Those are the types of items to keep for later.

7.  Recycle if possible- teach kids GO GREEN!

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