Back to School

Yes, it’s back to school and school is in session!

Here are some ideas to help stay organized and clutter free.

1) Have a magazine bin for each child and label each bin with his/her name and grade. The child can pick their own color too. Then the papers that relate to each child can be put in their bin and when you need a paper or need to check on something it’s easier to find.

2) Have a specific place for shoes, backpacks, and lunch kits. Keep this place for leaving for school and coming home from school.  If you need floor space use hooks and place them in order of oldest to help with location and organization.

3) Clothes–get clothes out each night before you go to bed that way it’s easier to get dressed.

4) Lunches, homework, and other items that need to be taken to school should be made and ready to go before going to bed. This way lunch will not be forgotten as easily and other items are at school and the children are prepared.

5) Have a morning schedule/routine. Allow about 5-10 minutes for the child to wake up. Set timers to help stay focused so you won’t be late.

6) Have an afternoon schedule/routine.  Most children are hungry when they get home, so have a snack ready. Then a plan for homework and a moment to relax.  Get ready for dinner, and bath.

7) Have a bedtime routine.  No matter how old sleeping in important. So wet a time for bed. Allow 10-15 minutes before to brush teeth, get a drink of water, go to the bathroom, get clothes together etc… then lights out.

8) Make sure you read all paperwork. You don’t want to miss something that involves your child.

9) Make sure have the schools telephone number programmed in your phone, just in case they call you or you have to call them. And it’s good to have the nurse’s direct line as well.

10) Be involved and volunteer as much as you can.  It’s very important that your child knows that you are excited about school just as much as they are…and by being a part of school activities, shows support to the school and the community around you.

These are just a few basic steps to think about.  If you want specific for your children and your personal schedule please feel free to email me and I will be glad to share more with you.

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