Teach CHRISTmas

The door opened and Santa walked in! The toy bag was bulging at the seams!  The children’s faces beamed with anticipation of what was inside…was there a toy for them?

As Santa opened the bag, clapping, cheering and smiles were in the air. No toys came out of the bag, just a tray full of holiday snacks. Santa set the tray on the table and told everyone, “Eat and be Merry! Rejoice in the goodness of the Lord.”

Then, Santa asked everyone to come close so that they could see what was in his bag.

He first pulled out a FIR TREE and placed in the middle of the room. Then Santa said with a smile, “The pure color green of the fir tree stays green all year round, no matter what the world does. All the needles point toward heaven, resembling the thoughts we should have every season. The shape of the tree is like a triangle which represents the Trinity-Father, Son and Holy Spirit”

The room got quiet and everyone just watched in a puzzled way, what Santa was pulling out now.  It was a Star that shined so bright. “This star is a symbol of the heavenly sign of all promises from long ago that still remain today. God promised a Savior for the world, and the star, lead the world to understand that God’s promise was fulfilled.”  Santa said proudly, as he placed it at the top of the tree.

Now everyone got real quiet , sat down and, all eyes were on Santa. What was to come?

Santa then reached in the bag again and pulled out a CANDLE. “Christ is the light of the world,” Exclaimed Santa, “It is Christ Jesus that displaces the darkness.” He quickly pulled out streams of lights and put them on the tree. “Lights also remind us and those around us, that we may be, the only Jesus others see. For we are to be the light to others, just as Jesus is our light.”

No one made a sound but continued to looked at the bag. Once again, Santa reached in the bag and diplayed another surprise. This time he removed a WREATH and placed it on the tree. “Eternal love: real love that never ceases or fails. That is the continuous love that surrounds us through Christ.” Santa said boldly. He also pulled out round ornaments, placed them on a tree and said, “Ornaments are round with no beginning or end. For God is eternal.”

The CANDY CANE was revealed next. Santa hung it on the tree and said, “For God is our good Shepherd. He brings us back when we stray and holds us when we are weak. We know his voice and so it is HE that leads and we that follow.”

This time Santa reached in his bag to gently bring out an ANGEL. “We are to remember that the angels brought forth the glorious news of our Saviors birth. “Glory to God in the Highest, on earth peace, and good will.” Santa sang.

Then to everyone’s surprise, Santa pulled out an ornament of HIM-SELF and announced, “I am just a symbol that is over stated.  However,” with humility he continued, “I have asked for repentance and received forgiveness, and in doing so, I have learned to be an example of God’s generosity.”  A tear ran down his check ….and then…he continued.

He cleared his throat while he pulled out another item from his bag. A HOLLY LEAF was shown. “Immortality!” Santa said strongly.  “The crown of thorns worn,by our Savior, and the berries are a reminder of the blood that was shed.”

A beautifully wrapped GIFT was pulled out of the bag next. “God gave his only son as the Best Gift and true miracle of Christmas. Thanks to God that he loves us so much, he gave up his most beloved.” Santa said heart fully. “Wise men brought gifts to honor the Holy baby; so we give gifts to honor the same Spirit as the wise men.”

Then suddenly there was a soft twinkling sound….Santa’s hand pulled out a bell and rang it.  “Not only do we rejoice in the joys of jingles but we are to listen like lost sheep for the guidance of God until he returns.”

The bag was empty and all were amazed at what they had heard and seen. One would think that there would be much disappointment with no one getting a gift, but there was singing and praising the Lord. Gifts come in all sorts of ways when they are from the heart. Toys became a thought of the past, and  the focus was on the TRUE spirit of Christmas!

Santa looked at the tree and all the things around the tree, along wiht all of the children and families laughing~he was pleased.

His final words were not “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night”, but with a smile of compassion Santa said, “Remember that Christmas is a time of celebrating Hope and Light! Joy and life!  My hearts desire is for you NOT to put me in the center of your celebration-for I am just a humble servant of the ONE who IS!  I bow down to worship God the Creator, Jesus my Savoir, and Lord of my Life.”


“May God Bless you all, and to all, a Merry CHRISTmas!”

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