Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Gift Ideas for any Occasion

Christmas time brings about the question, “What can I get for….”?  Well if you have run out of ideas or need to get a jump start, I have some solutions for you.

 First of all let me just mention that GIFTS do not have to be expensive or big. Great gifts come from knowing that the person and giving them something that they will appreciate you thinking of them. Gifts also need to come from the heart; something new or created.

 Here are a few gift suggestions:

 Holiday Mugs-Fill with cocoa mix and a candy cane.  Wrap with a holiday napkin or tissue paper and tie with an ornament or ribbon.

 Brag Books-Take your photos and get them printed. Put them in a photo book. Scrap or decorate the inside pages. Wrap and give.

 Offer a Subscription-Pay for a specific magazine subscription and tuck your card inside.

 Go Green-Make a homemade solution for a cleaning product or beauty product with essential oils and scents.  (For ideas and recipes, see “Homemade Solutions.”)

 Pack a Jar-Fill a jar with the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies or a soup. Write the recipe on a decorated card with a ribbon.

 Recipe Book-Hand-write your favorite recipes on colored or decorated index cards. Punch a hole in the corner of each one and tie together with a festive ribbon. Offer a dessert sample with the book.

 Dip Pretzels– Melt chocolate and dip the pretzels in them. Lay to cool on wax paper. Decorate with red and green sugar crystals etc…then package them in holiday-themed cellophane bags with a tie.

 Coupon Book-Create pages that include a back rub, babysitting, dinner, mow the lawn, breakfast in bed, or any other items that the person in mind would love.  Insert book in a holiday gift bag and tie off with a ribbon.

 Honor Gift-You can send a donation to a favorite charity, with your persons name on it-what an honor to think of someone else and give some one else the credit.

 Basket/Box Gift-These are great!  Take a medium size holiday basket or box and fill it with items that are their favorites.  It could be from ART-to-Zoo.  Use specifics and even write a short message about why you made the basket/box especially for them. (For Specific Ideas, see “Gift Ideas.”)

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