Speed Cleaning Tips For the Holidays

1. Clean as you go
2. Rinse off plates and glasses, then immediatly put in the dishwasher. (use paper plate and cups often.)
3. Wipe up microwaves, stoves, and floors immediatly when spills occur.
4. Put several trash bags in the bottom of the trash can to quickly empty and refill.
5. Keep alcohol wipes, or paper towels with a spray bottle of vinegar and water mix, in cabinets, for a qucik clean for the mirrors, sink, toilets, countertops etc…
6. Hang or put up clothes right after the dryer stops.
7. On items consumed alot, but 2 instead of one, so that you do not run out as fast. Ex. toliet paper or eggs.
8. Keep a jar or small basket, for cell-phone-change-keys-sunglasses, in a space of convienence for going and coming, so that you won’t forget them.
9. Set out items needed for cleaning in one place.
10. Toss out junk mail, old reciepts, or trash asap.
11. Clean air filters often-helps with allergies and your bill.
12. Put up appliances from countertops, not used in 2-3 months. Clean first so when used next time-makes it nice.
13. Before going to bed, do a quick pick up, straightening, and sweep. Also, get clothes or other items ready for the next day.
14. Have a sense of humor and get your family involved.

**Keep positive and reward yourself for the things you do!**

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