Bathroom-Mildew/Stains in the Shower/Tub

MILDEW-Meldew is usually caused by surfaces not cleaned well, or moisture left in a closed area. 

*First, try a 1:2 solution of white stilled vinegar and hot water and spray on mildew. Let stand for 5-7 minutes, then scrub with a soft scrubber. Then rinse with hot water. (You can also use Clorox bleach instead of vinegar.) Dry well.

There are solutions at the store, but read carefully for different types of surfaces.  Some areas may require you to re-caulk.

Prevention: Clean and rinse areas that are common to mildew completely.  Dry or keep area open to allow air to dry any moisture.

STAINS-Most common stains are cause by a combination of soap scum, hard water, body oils and products.

*First, you can make a paste (1:1) of hydrogen peroxide and cream of tarter. Use a toothbrush to apply paste and rub the area to be cleaned. Then rinse with hot water, and dry well. (May repeat if necessary.)

Also a soft scrub or the use of Clorox Bleach on these types of stains works well.  Let stand for 5-7 minutes and rinse thoroughly. If the surface is ceramic, you may gently use a pumice stone.  But be aware that some surfaces could scratch, so a nylon scrub sponge is recommended. (Make sure that the pumice stone is wet at all times, and is used only on the problem stain. If the area you are cleaning is smooth after using the pumice stone, the stain may be permanent.)

For candle burns or other stains, such as hair color or hair spray-use can try and use an ultra fine sandpaper, followed by a polishing compound, such as Turtle wax, Appliance wax or, Silicone sealer.  (Keep the surface wet while you work. ) Then restore with normal cleaning.

Prevention: Clean spills or items immediately. Clean often and disinfect often to prevent build up.

SHOWERS-Most showers are made of glass or/and fiberglass.

*First, turn the shower water on to the hottest temperature and let steam for 5 minutes.  Spray white distilled vinegar on the shower and with a nylon sponge,  clean the glass area. Rinse with hot water and repeat if neccassery. Dry Well. (You can also use  Scrub Bubbles.)

Once shower is dry, you can also use Windex, to complete the cleaning.

If your shower does not come clean immediately, you may have to repeat often. Or consult a professional.

Prevention: Use a squeegee for daily cleaning to keep water from spotting.  Use a cleaner with an ammonia to clean soap scum, body oil, and product buildup.