Energy Help

If your energy level has gone done here are some tips that may help:

  • Don’t skip breakfast or any meal~This starves the body and causes your blood sugar to lower. You will then become more fatigued .  Remedy-eat a little something every 3-4 hours.
  • Protein~Protien helps stabilize your blood sugar and keep you alert. It can help raise your metabolism too. Remedy-cut back on carbs and replace with a serving or two of protein, like low-fat cheese.
  • Drink alot of water~Drinking lots of water help you star hydrated and helps your cells work at their best. Water also is a good source to help flush toxins in your system.  Remedy-Drink less caffeine and add more water to you daily intake. Can use lemon and lime for flavoring.
  • Reward yourself~This helps your self-esteem and confidence. By treating yourself you also feel refreshed and renewed.  Remedy-find something that you love and take some time to enjoy.
  • Aim Low~Take your expectations of yourself and what you do down a notch. Do not compromise on health and welfare but on day-to-day stuff.  Pick you battles wisely and let things go if not really important.  Remedy-set realistic short term and long term goals. Look for positive and let go of negative.
  • Buy Bins~Get some simple containers, add labels and toss the stuff into areas of use. Simply organizing a few things leads to more and give a calmer enviroment.  Remedy-find ways to sort likes, toss the clutter, and have a new view.
  • Let others do it~Ask for volunteers. Sometimes just a few moments of rest can bring new awareness of the day with less fretting. Remedy-Let others know you need help and in details let them know where.  Take a nap.
  • Love on your lobes~Rubbing on your ear lobes helps circulation and a wake up call for other organs as well. redirecting your energy may give you that boost you need to complete your day/night. Remedy~rub on your ear lobes as often as you need. Also, grabbing a handful of hair, gently pull and let go, help release tension as well.
  • Hang out with your friends~Take an hour or a day/night and do something fun. As you are enjoying your time, you will be more positive and that helps build energy. Remedy-plan a time, make a call, email, text and then go.
  • Try a one-minute exercise~sometimes we need just a moment to unwind physically.  This will help get our heart going and stimulate us.  Remedy-Jumping jacks, running in place, climbing the stairs, taking a walk during lunch or just running to check the mail.
  • Close your door~Get some uninterrupted time just to yourself. This will help you re-focus and meditate on something other than your own thoughts.  Remedy-read, listen to music, work on a hobby or do a crossword puzzle.

There are just a few things one can go to increase your energy and feel more relaxed.  Have fun!


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