Washing and Drying

Electricity can be expensive~

One way we can cut down and save is to do laundry in one day.  I know that sometimes is impossible but, it takes less energy from the washer and dryer and so less electricity.  Let me explain:

When you wash/dry on several days…the washer and dryer have to re-start each day, each cycle. This causes more electricity to be used and causes your bill to increase.

If you wash/dry on one day…the washer and dryer have already been started/heated, so it takes less time to produce energy. Therefore, less electricity and less on your bill.

I have found that once a week washing and drying saves my household of 4 about $250.00 a year!  May not be a lot to some but every dollar counts in our family. 

Also, the laundry is complete and then we have more time for fun!

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