First Things First

When one starts to Creatively Clean, one must start with your self.  I like to call this, “Cleaning Your Life.”

Here are 7 steps to get started:

1) Clean out the anger, hatred, jealousy, and self-doubt.  If you need to go and apologize -do it. If you are waiting for an apology from some one else…let it go! Make room for POSITIVES.

2) Wash away delay and procrastination. These set you up for frustration and failure from the past. Get into the present and stop missing out on life.

3) Dust off your attitude. Put on a fresh coat of gratitude. Start giving instead of taking. Practice love, help, and concern as much as possible. Your perspective will change!

4) Throw out misunderstanding and lack of patience. Rid yourself of gossip and lies. Open up to new friendships~this takes work, time, energy, forgiveness, understanding, and respect. The results will be reciprocal.

5) Lighten up your thoughts with humor and fun. Remind yourself that you are in charge of your day. Decide to laugh, read, what to listen to, what to think about, what to do.  Choose to insert a little fun everyday.

6) Be open to new ideas and perspectives. Changes can be hard but allowing them helps you grow. By allowing the difference in your thoughts, you can create new ways of doing thins, new habits that help, easier skills to get things accomplished, and you will live happier.

7) Enjoy the person that you are!!!!  If you do not like things about yourself, find out why and start working on those.  Find out the things that you do like about yourself and look for ways to grow and share them with others.  When you enjoy who you are, others will too.

Start with creating the life that you truly want , not the one that you settle for or end up with.  Life is a choose that we make everyday, every moment.  We just have to start!