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"Less Stress from the Mess!" Proverbs 31:27a

Back In Business of Helping

Hey everyone!  Yes I am back in Business!  Please look through my site (in progress) and share your interests and let me help you have, “Less Stress From Cleaning the Mess.”  Prov. 31:27a

Decluttering, Organizing, Cleaning, Simplifying, Encouragement, Personal Consultant, Workshops, Online Creativity and more!

We work together on our Home, Our Life, Our Minds…together!

Thank you for letting me serve!







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EXCITING NEWS: As of today…

My calendar is open so you may call and make your appointment for any of CCC Services!!!Notes

Looking forward to Serving!!!


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A Father’s Heart

A Fathers Heart is full of Strength and Love

That is only given to him from God above

He shows this love in so many ways

Just as he shows it everyday

He is always there to show me that he cares

His love is abounding

His Strength is astounding

His loves is unconditional

He is a mighty man of God

He holds the key to my heart

It feels like we shall never part

His Love is like the beautiful Sea

It shines so bright for the World to see

He says that love will set you free

And that he will always be there for me

His Soul is a like a Mighty Eagle soaring high in the sky

His Love for me will forever be

A light that I will forever see…


~~~Author Unknown~~~

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Hey everyone…

Its’ been a long time I know…SORRY!

Due to many circumstances I had to put  CCC on hold for a little while but guess what?

I have been in much prayer and preparation and Creative Cleaning and Cleansing will be back in action!!!

Please let me know what you have been missing, need or want to know more about?


Also I will be setting up workshops as well….

So Super excited…Lots of new stuff, fun ideas and fabulous prizes!!!

Thank you for being patient…

Looking forward to talking with you soon…Cheers to OCTOBER!!!


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Let’s Get This Party Started 2015

Guess what I did today? Alot,but I also got a New 2015 Calender and some fun pens. I sat down and filled my calendar with what I know.. so far. I also included date nights, family fun nights, home projects, and cleaning/decluttering to do’s. Of course things may change but at least I got started. 🙂

Using colors is a great way to organize schedules and appointments for each family member. Colors: Blue for my husband, Green for my son, Pink for my daughter, Purple or me, black for everything else. It’s already a little busy but SO PREEEETTTY!!! I love having things planned (as much as possible). LOL  It feels so great to start 2015 with a plan and a date night tonight!!!

Having a calendar keeps everything in perspective and helps your mind be more free of stress.

Get your calendar that works for you and some fun colors and get your party started!!!

Happy New Year 2015

rCalendar 2015


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Until Next year!!!

May you have a very Merry CHRISTmas and a Happy New Year!

Enjoy the ones you love and celebrate the hope of Christ!

Until next year….

Christmas Love

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Hey everyone…

The Final Countdown

These are the last days to book your cleaning-decluttering-organization-before/after appointments!

If you book by this Friday, December 12, 2014, You will get $10.00 off of any service!!!

MON~Dec. 22

MON~Dec. 29


and FRI~JANUARY 2015

Also–Last day for CHRISTMAS DELIVERY for Creative Keepsakes Videos will be this Friday as well!

~~~FREE Estimates!~~~

Contact Renee to book your appointment today!

Thank you

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Holiday SPECIAL!!!

Ready For the Holidays???

December 2014 and The New Year 2015 Special: Before and/or After!


Do you need to clean your home BEFORE the big get together, but just a little busy with the “to do list”?

Do you need a break from cleaning AFTER the celebration to relax?

Send me your list and I will help you have “Less stress from cleaning the mess!” Free estimates!!!

 Dates Open:

MON December 22

TUES December 23

MON December 29

TUES December 30

FRI January 2, 2015

Only a few dates open so book now!


Book your date by December 7, 2014 and receive a discount bonus!

holidays 3

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Do you have photos that you want to share in a creative way?

Do you have some favorite songs that you want to share?

Why not put them together as a show?

Royal Creations logo c
Let Royal Creations help you create a special keepsake CD!

Great way to declutter, organize, and preserve memories. Perfect gift for Christmas ~ Graduations, and so much more….

You pick the photos~
You pick the songs~
You pick the theme~
You pick your favorite colors~

In about 2-4 weeks you will have something very special to share!

This month special:
1 Song   $50.00    65 Photos Reg. $75.00
2 Songs $65.00   130 Photos Reg. $85.00
3 Songs $75.00   190 Photos Reg. $95.00
Restore family generations-Birthdays~Graduations~Holiday Parties~Engagement~Weddings~Anniversaries~Vacations~Company Events~Business Opportunities~Mission Trips~Testimonies~Pregnancy fun~Mothers Day~Fathers Day~Fundraisers~School Events~And Many, More…..

This special is only good for November!

If you would like your Keepsake Cd for Christmas Delivery—all orders must be complete by November 15, 2014

Contact Renee Royal at: … for all questions and orders!



Creative Cleaning and Cleansing has some exciting news!

There is another service that is being added!

Its called, “Royal Creations!”

This service will Creatively capture your favorites photos and your favorite music all on one CD.

For More information, Click on the Tab that says, “Royal Creations!”

Looking forward to making memories and celebrating with you!





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